Bundll is an app that lets you Buy now, Pay Later, everywhere. And we mean everywhere! Whether you’re shopping online, in the app or cruising your local mall, you get 2 weeks to repay, interest-free with every tap of your bundll digital Mastercard. You can also Snooze your repayments for an extra 2 weeks or roll them up into a superbundll, which allows you to pay in 6 fortnightly instalments.

Once you’ve opened your bundll account and have added your bundll Mastercard to the digital wallet on your mobile phone, you can start shopping online and instore – at just about any location where MasterCard is accepted.

When shopping instore, simply open the digital wallet on your mobile phone, swipe to reveal your bundll card and tap your phone to pay.

To shop with bundll online, use the ‘Card Reveal’ function inside the app. Here you’ll see your card number and expiry date, which you’ll need to enter at the online checkout. Spin the card by swiping it and it will reveal the three-digit CVC security code.

Setting up bundll does not require a ‘credit check’ and no enquiry footprint left on your credit file.

Before you start to shop, you’ll be prompted to set a repay day. This will be the day of the week that your bundll payments will be due. Once you’ve done that, all the purchases made on your digital card during each week will be ‘bundlled’ into one simple repayment (set on your repay day). You’ll then have 14 days to repay that bundll. Each week a new bundll is created for you to start bundlling into.


A snooze offers you the ability to delay the repayment date for a bundll, by an additional 14 days. Using a snooze to defer the payment can be done with a free snooze, or you can pay a flat fee of $5.

Snooze fees will be immediately charged to your funding source so make sure you have $5 in available funds! Of course, this doesn’t apply if you’re using a free snooze.

You can snooze each bundll twice only.

Your snooze pot is where your free snoozes are stored in the app.


Superbundll offers all the features of bundll as well as an extended  6 fortnightly repayment plan
to give you even more flexibility in repaying your bundlls.

Yes. When a new bundll is added into an existing superbundll, the superbundll will automatically reset over another six fortnightly repayments.

No. Only closed bundlls (bundlls that have completed your full week spend cycle and have a due date) can be added into a superbundll.

Superbundll does require a ‘credit check’ and the enquiry will appear on your credit file.

Repayments, funding sources and automatic repayments

When you set up bundll you will need to nominate the day of the week (excluding Saturday or Sunday) on which repayments will be due, as your ‘repay day.’ If you choose to upgrade to superbundll your repay day will be kept. Most bundll customers find it easier to match their bundll repay day with their pay day.

Yes, you can change your repay day but only once every three months.

That’s easy, the bundll app will always show you when bundll’s are due, and give you all the details for the bundll, including the transactions and how to make a payment towards a due bundll.

Your repayments are due by 10:00am (Sydney time) on your nominated repay day.

Unless you have already manually made the repayment via the app, before 10:00am on the due date (repay day) we will charge your funding source for the amount due.

If the repayment of the amount due is not received by 10:00am on the due date, we will again attempt to charge your funding source on the following day.

If the first two attempts fail and you haven’t made a repayment yourself via the app, we will then attempt to charge your funding source a late fee of $10. Your account will also be suspended, meaning you won’t be able to use it until your account is back in good order.

Yes of course you can! You can make a full or partial repayment at any time. Some people like to chip away at their repayments rather than waiting for the due date.

When you set up bundll, you will be asked to set up at least one approved debit or credit card as a funding source, which needs to be either a Visa or Mastercard account. Unless you have already manually made a repayment, all outstanding repayments will automatically be charged to your funding source on the repay day.

Only if you still have an amount outstanding. If you make a full repayment of the amount due on the scheduled due date, then your funding source will not be charged. However, if you only make a partial repayment of the amount due on the scheduled due date, your funding source will only be charged the outstanding amount.

Yes. Simply go to the ‘Profile’ section within the app and update your funding source. At this stage, we do not support AMEX, pre-paid cards or non-Australian issued Visa and Mastercard cards.

Yes. The digital card operates just like any other debit or credit card. Just add your bundll card to your favourite retailers and subscriptions – like Netflix, Spotify and Uber.

Yes. We will allow you to link up to 3 credit or debit cards.

Simply, go to the ‘Profile’ section within the app and update your linked funding source.

Fees / Charges

Nothing! No fees ever! You can use bundll every day instead of your debit or credit cards. This gives you a minimum of an extra 14 days to repay, interest free!

With bundll you have the option to collect free snoozes by referring friends to bundll. These snoozes accumulate in your snooze pot. If you don’t have any free snoozes available, you may buy snoozes for $5 each.

If you miss a repayment, you’ll get a 24-hour grace period to make the repayment before a $10 late fee is applied and your account is suspended.

Yes. If after the grace period there are still any outstanding bundll and/or superbundll repayments, a $10 late fee will be applied to your funding source and your bundll account will be suspended, meaning you won’t be able to spend any further.

Of course not! You can repay any outstanding amount at any time before the due date of that bundll or superbundll repayment is due with no fee.

No. You will never pay any interest with bundll or superbundll.  

Credit limits

With bundll the maximum size of your wallet is $1,000 – this limit also covers amounts you may choose to snooze. With superbundll you can access a combined limit of up to $4,000 ($1000 for bundlls and $3000 for superbundll).

When bundlls are repaid, whatever amount that you repaid will be added back on to your bundll limit as soon as payment is received. Remember, if you convert a bundll to a superbundll the value of that bundll will also be added back to your bundll limit. Any superbundll repayments will be applied back to your superbundll limit.


Your safety, security and privacy is our priority. Rest assured we use the latest security and technology in order to protect your personal information and credentials.

Yes, bundll supports both Touch ID and Face ID. You’ll be prompted to enable Touch ID or Face ID when you first sign up, if your phone is equipped. You can still use a PIN if you prefer and can turn Touch ID or Face ID on at any time in your app settings.

Yes. You can change your PIN through the ‘Profile’ section in the app.

Don’t sweat it! Click the ‘forgot your password?’ link and follow the prompts to reset your password.

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your account, immediately go to your settings and select ‘Pause account’. Also be sure to change your password in the security settings in the app. If you do not have your phone, let us know via www.bundll.com.au.

Visit the ‘Profile’ section of the app and tap the ‘Edit profile’ button to update your personal information.  

You don’t have to tell us about your plans to travel overseas, safe travels from the bundll crew!

If there’s a transaction that you don’t recognise it could be because the

  • business could be trading in a different name; or
  • transaction could have been made in a foreign currency and converted into Australian dollars.

If you’re still unsure, contact us at [email protected]

These transactions are being processed through the merchant’s bank accounts and our systems.

Keep calm! Your account will not be accessible without your security credentials but if you are worried it has been compromised and someone knows your password, please get in touch via https://www.bundll.com.au/contact-us/

Card Reveal

The ‘Card Reveal’ functionality in the app gives you secure access to your bundll card number, expiry date and CVC so you can make purchases online (not just in-store).

Press the ‘Card Reveal’ icon in the top right corner of the app’s home screen. For extra security, you will need to enter your app passcode again or use Touch/Face ID depending on your settings.

Swipe your digital card in the app to expose your CVC (A.K.A CVV) (it’s on the other side).

Yes, you can use ‘Card Reveal’ overseas but you must first download and install the app and reveal your bundll card in Australia.

No, not unless you advise us that your bundll card has been compromised or if you request for a new card number.

Swipe your digital card in the app to expose your CVC (A.K.A CVV) (it’s on the other side).

bundll buddies

‘Bundll buddies’ is the bundll refer a friend feature. Whenever you refer a friend to bundll, and they sign up, you’ll both receive one extra free snooze which can be used to extend a bundll repayment by 14 days.

There is no limit to how many friends you can refer to bundll and there’s no cap on how many free snoozes you can earn.

General stuff?

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Anyone can apply for an account as long as they are:

  • 18+ years old;
  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia; and
  • an Australian issued Mastercard or Visa card holder (debit/credit), to use for repayments.

When shopping instore, simply open the digital wallet on your mobile phone, swipe to reveal your bundll card and tap your phone to pay.

To shop with bundll online, use the ‘Card Reveal’ function inside the app. Here you’ll see your card number and expiry date, which you’ll need to enter into the online checkout. Swipe the card and it will then reveal the three digit CVC security code.

All of your activity, including transaction list, information, amount etc, is shown in the bundll app. Bundll does not have a physical or paper statement.

For now, it’s a digital card only. Watch this space though!

As above we don’t currently offer a physical card so (for now) the answer is forever!

Not yet, but why not tell a friend or family member to apply for their own account!? Try sending them an invite link, from the app.

Yes. You can use bundll whilst overseas. However, you must download and install the app in Australia first. You must have ‘location services’ enabled to use the ‘Card Reveal’ feature.

During the set-up process you’ll need to add your bundll card to your preferred digital wallet available on your mobile phone. Once this is done, your account will be activated.

Yes. To close your account, visit the ‘Profile’ section of the app, and tap on the ‘Settings’ icon in the top right corner. At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to close your account. You will be prompted to make any outstanding repayments before you’re able to close your account. 

Setting up bundll does not require a ‘credit check’ and no enquiry footprint left on your credit file. Accessing superbundll does require a ‘credit check’ and the enquiry will appear on your credit file

Bundll currently supports the following devices:

  • iOS 12 or later; and
  • Android 6.0 or later, only Android devices with NFC capability.

Sure thing! You can pay the way you want. Just add your digital card to Apple Pay, Google Pay.

The app will prompt you to add your bundll card to Apple Pay as part of the sign-up process.

The app will prompt you to add your bundll card to Google Pay as part of the sign-up process.


For now, bundll is only available to those who have an Australian Driver Licence or Australian passport.

No. Bundll is only available to those who are 18 years of age or older. (Come back and see us on your 18th birthday!)

Go into your bundll app and tap ‘Profile’. Once you’ve done this tap ‘Edit Profile’ and follow the prompts. 

Bundll can only be used by those who are permanent residents of Australia.

No way! Re-install the app and access your account with your login details as per usual.

Go into your bundll app and tap ‘Profile’. Then tap ‘Edit Profile’ and follow the prompts. 

No. Bundll does not offer cash withdrawals.

No. Your account can only be accessed through the bundll app.

Most likely because you have missed a repayment by more than 24 hours. It might also be because we have picked up an anomaly in your account.

Go into your bundll app and tap ‘Profile’. Once you’ve done this tap ‘Edit Profile’ and follow the prompts.

Yes! Please contact us at [email protected] to update your contact details for important messages from bundll

Complaints, hardship, disputes and feedback

Please follow the instructions on this page here

Once your account is placed under hardship you won’t be able to continue to make purchases. This is for your own financial security, preventing your account from falling further into hardship.

No, we won’t default or make any comments on your credit file.

If after four months of hardship you find that your situation hasn’t changed or hasn’t improved to a point where you’re able to continue repayments, your account will be reassessed, and we’ll be happy to discuss additional options.

Yes, reduction of repayments is one available option to assist during financial hardship.


Bundll has partnered with Raiz, to allow Raiz users, who are eligible to apply via a link in the Raiz app, for a bundll account. The Raiz application link offers you the ability to apply for bundll using your existing Raiz customer information/data, like mobile, email, full name, DOB and registered address to streamline the application process. If approved for bundll, Raiz initiated applications, will be provisioned with a co-branded Raiz x bundll digital card.

If you see a Raiz bundll link in your Raiz app then you’re welcome to apply! Simply follow the prompts within your Raiz app to download bundll, then go through the quick pre-populated application.

Your Raiz account will be automatically connected as a funding source in your bundll app. You’ll also be prompted to add a Visa or Mastercard as a funding source. You can set either as your default funding source.

If Raiz is set as your default funding source in bundll but the automated repayment fails due to insufficient funds, we’ll automatically try the credit or debit card you registered during signup. If that doesn’t work, you’ll enter the standard grace period which gives you an additional 24 hours before a late payment fee is applied.

You can’t remove Raiz from your bundll account but you can choose not to use Raiz for any payments, just make sure your debit/credit card is set as your primary funding source in your ‘Profile’ page in the bundll app and has sufficient funds.

If you want to change your primary funding source, you can do this via your ‘Profile’ page within the bundll app.

Yes you can, when you’re snoozing or moving a bundll to superbundll, just select ‘Raiz’ as your payment method (if it’s not already).

From the ‘Payment History’ screen which is accessed in the ‘Profile’ page in your bundll app. This gives you a list of all your bundll repayments, including those taken from your Raiz account.

Closing your Raiz account will not affect your Raiz x bundll account. However, if you have closed or stopped using Raiz, you will need to change your default funding source to your credit or debit card.

View the full terms & conditions here.

All Raiz customers, need to contact Raiz for any questions or issues with their Raiz account.

For bundll customer enquiries get in touch through the Contact page on the bundll homepage.

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