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Hibernation Mode for bundll.
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superbundll available
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Need more time?
No worries.

Move closed bundlls into superbundll and repay over six fortnights.
Pssst, still no interest.

Apply. Approved.

Just apply through your existing bundll account, accept the credit limit you’ve been given (up to $4,000) and start superbundlling.


Superbundll limit
of up to $3,000

Bundll. Buy Now, Pay Later.

Bundll limit of
up to $1,000

Superbundll Transaction Display

What else do
I need to know?

Once you’re approved for superbundll, you can combine any closed bundlls into a superbundll and the repayment will be automatically recast over six fortnightly repayments.

Just remember, each time you add a bundll into superbundll, you’ll be charged a fee equal to 5% of that added bundll

The fine print.

We’ll have to run a credit check for this one, so there’s a chance you may not be eligible. We’ll also check your financial records to ensure the product is suitable for you.

Bundll. Buy Now, Pay Later.