Shop at PUMA online or in-store and get $20 back

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Once you’ve opened your bundll account and have added the bundll card to the digital wallet on your mobile phone, you can start shopping online and instore – at just about any location where MasterCard’s accepted.

When shopping instore, simply open the digital wallet on your mobile phone, swipe to reveal your bundll card and simply tap your phone to pay.

To shop with bundll online, use the ‘Card Reveal’ function inside the app. Here you’ll see your card number and expiry date, which you’ll need to enter into the online checkout. Spin the card by swiping it and it will reveal the three digit CVC security code.

Before you start to shop you’ll be prompted to set a repay day. This will be the day of the week that your bundlls will be due. Once you’ve done that all the purchases made on your digital card during each week will be ‘bundll’d’ into one simple repayment (set on your repay day). You’ll then have 14 days to repay that bundll. Each week a new bundll is created.